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Learning to be Content

These last few months have been exciting, nerve racking, and overwhelming. We sold our precious little house in June. We then moved into a friend's basement. Next, we moved to Edinburgh. Upon moving here, we have lived in a two-bedroom flat with a family of four (yes you counted right, seven people sharing a two bedroom flat). In the midst of this, there have been emotional highs and lows.

Three Years...

Obviously, the eighth commandment is about unlawfully taking of someone else's property. However, it was Watson's short commentary on the commandments that helped me to make the connection between the eighth commandment and my ordination vows. You see, Watson makes the point that we must take care not to steal a person's soul. That is, we are to take care not to lead someone off into heresy.

The Reigning Sin of the Time

The seventh commandment reminds us that God is pure and holy. That purity and holiness is completely opposed to uncleanness. Thus, we are called in this commandment to mirror God in our bodily actions. In this commandment something is both tacitly implied and expressly forbidden.

Honor? Your Father and Your Mother

When I was a kid my parents had me in church groups that got me memorizing Scripture. They seemed especially happy when we would come to passages like the fifth commandment: Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you. I remember memorizing this and others like Eph 6:1-2; Col 3:2, etc.. Those passages stuck, and over the years I have found myself reflecting on them to greater and lesser degrees.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I am tired. We are inching closer to our move date, and I am tired. My whole family is tired really. There is a lot on our schedule, and it seems like every time we turn around we find more that needs to get done. I often think to myself that this is just a phase and it will pass. However, I have found that in reality life just gets busier. I know this to be true for me, and just from the anecdotal evidence I have of friends, I know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed with busyness.

Worshipping Aright

The Law opens with this beautiful reminder that the Lord has saved us. Now we find that he has saved us for something. The first commandment says that our responsibility is to ascribe to God alone all the worth, honor, and glory due to him. We are to love him completely and no one else. He is the first and the last. This second commandment tells us what our worship of God should look like.