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Adversity and Grace

It has been an odd couple of weeks. Taryn not being home is hard. Having help in the house, is amazing. I haven't slept the greatest. Part of that may be that Taryn isn't there. Another part of that may be that I have a three year old in the bed who takes up far more bed than seems possible for his size. I find in these moments when there is radical change in my life, I look for moments of reflection and thought. Too often life gets busy and we get caught up in whatever is in front of us, we fail to properly contemplate all that is going on in our lives and around us.

Christ's Intercession

Every Sunday, when we are reciting the Apostles’ Creed together, one of the doctrines that we profess belief in is the ascension of Christ. We say, “He ascended into Heaven, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.” It is a doctrine that is so quickly forgotten, but carries with it so many important and life changing implications. Not the least of which connects to prayer.

Learning to be Content

These last few months have been exciting, nerve racking, and overwhelming. We sold our precious little house in June. We then moved into a friend's basement. Next, we moved to Edinburgh. Upon moving here, we have lived in a two-bedroom flat with a family of four (yes you counted right, seven people sharing a two bedroom flat). In the midst of this, there have been emotional highs and lows.

Promoting Life

The other day a friend made the observation on Twitter that Herod snuggled up to believers hypocritically in order to murder babies (Matt 2:8). That tweet has got me thinking. Especially this week as I have contemplated the 6th Commandment.

Hallowed be Thy Name

As I have grown, so has my understanding of the third commandment. You see the commandment is not just about invoking the Lord's name flippantly or as a curse. The third commandment at its core is about how we, as Christians, live. The third commandment calls us to make a true profession of our faith.

The First and the Last

The very first thing the Law says is the Gospel, reminding who God is and that he has saved us from a hopeless situation. Now we get to Exodus 20:3 and the implications of the Gospel come. Because of who the Lord is and what he has done, he calls us to is to have no other god before him. In this command the Lord demands that we honor and adore him alone.