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Theology and Grace

The longer I am working on this thesis, the more I realize the place of grace in theological reflection. Grace is one of those interesting concepts to consider. We often talk about it in our salvation (special grace) or in the way the rain falls on the righteous and the wicked (common grace). We call it God’s unmerited or even demerited favor. However, I wonder if we consider how from the very start, the very ability to know God, to do theology is a gracious act.

I Believe in the Church

This last Sunday was communion Sunday at Christ Church (the church we attend in Edinburgh). Unlike Parish where I am the assistant pastor, Christ Church partakes in communion one week every month. At Parish we would take communion every week. However, at both churches before we come to the table we confess our faith together. That confession of faith usually takes the form of reciting the Apostles’ Creed.

A Relational God

This Saturday I am leading the men's discipleship at Christ Church Edinburgh. We have been slowly going through the Westminster Confession Faith (about one chapter per month). This week we find ourselves in Chapter Four: Of Creation. As I have been preparing, I have been struck by the opening line.

Translation's Key

As I thought more about last week's blog, the question came to mind, 'What keeps our translations from being arbitrary?'. If no language corresponds exactly to another language (or even bigger to reality), how do I know that this is a mouse and that is a rat? I don't know that a completely undisputed answer for this question can be given. It gets into the questions of language and theories surrounding knowledge, those are philosophical waters into which I do not have the ability to wade too deeply.

Uniformity and Multiformity

As I watch the conversations going on in the PCA, I am convinced that what we are talking about is bigger than just the PCA. Without delving into the details of all that is being said, the main thrust of the exchange happening in the PCA focuses around two different visions. The questions surround race and gender, and the roles these play in our life as the church.

The Drama of Redemption

This morning I gave a talk to a group of ministers in the Free Church of Scotland. At the start let me say, that talking to ministers is significantly more nerve racking than talking to almost anyone else. I thought that I would share a bit of what I said. We looked at 1 Corinthians 15, which has functioned like a lodestone for me.

Our Great Salvation

As I was putting the blog together last week, I noted that Galatians 4:4-7 had more going on in it than just talking about our adoption and the privileges that we have because of it. This week, I thought I would look at another of the aspects. It stood out to me as I read the passage.


Creation and the Trinity

I was reading Bavinck the other day and ran across this thought: the doctrine of creation and the doctrine of the Trinity “stand and fall together.” This is a massive claim. It is one that I think many of us do not contemplate all that much, and I would dare say some of us may even question. It may be helpful to trace Bavinck’s thoughts on this point.

The Work of God

I was reading John 5:17 the other day and the words of Jesus struck me. I have read them before, but given all the studying that I am doing, I hadn't thought about them in the same way I am now. In the passage Jesus says, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” There is a sense in which Jesus is saying that God has always been at work. At face value this seems odd considering that creation is not eternal and I when I think of God's work that's usually the first place I look.