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Safe and Secure from all Alarms

I love watching nature shows. When the BBC’s Planet Earth came out, it was an amazing gift. The number of times we would hear the words, “This is the first time this has ever been caught on camera” was astounding. Recently, I have started (albeit quite slowly) watching Netflix’s Our Planet. There are incredibly fascinating scenes and commentary. I have really enjoyed getting into it.

Training up in the Confession

I love catechisms. There is hardly a sermon that I preach where a catechism doesn't come into it at some point. Last week we were in Wisconsin and at one point in the car Calvin started to cry. Taryn and I looked at each other and thought that the way to calm him down was to put in the CD with the Children's Catechism. For a half hour we sang the questions and answers to Calvin along with the catechism. I love catechisms.