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Thanksgiving in a Foreign Land

This is the second year in a row that the Clausings will celebrate Thanksgiving in a country that is not the US. (Side note: this is the first Thanksgiving that Taryn will celebrate as a citizen of the US.) We have done it before, so it isn't a new experience. I remember every year in Colombia gathering with the MTW team, having a great meal, and sharing Thanksgiving traditions. In fact, over the last ten years Taryn and I have celebrated Thanksgiving more outside the US than in the US.

Connecting to Tradition

God has brought us into a new family. We are a family with a history. We are a family with traditions. Some of those traditions are good and some are bad. Some need to stay and be strengthened and others need to be reformed or just jettisoned all together. The job of every generation is to grasp hold of the tradition and evaluate. The theologian's task is not to come up with new theology but to make the old new again.