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What We Should Know

I thought that over the course of the next few weeks (maybe months), I would use the blog to track through my reading of Brooks' work. I won't read a lot each week and if you want to read along, I would love to have some interaction on Facebook or Twitter. You can download a free copy here, or you can purchase a copy from Banner of Truth here. This week, I read 'The Epistle Dedicatory'.

Theological Development

It is always interesting watching theological controversies that take place on the internet. Often something fairly interesting is being discussed, but at the same time I wonder, 'Is a blog the best place to make sustained arguments about intricate theological points?' Then, as the controversy really ramps up, I wonder, 'Is Twitter really the best place to have sustained theological arguments?' To the blog question, I will usually agree that it can be a good medium (maybe not the best but good). To the Twitter question, well, I am not one who can contribute anything of substance in 280 characters (even if you string 80 tweets together).

How do you know?

Guido de Bres is one of those guys that has been lost to history. Fortunately, however, his impact is still felt. He was a student of both John Calvin and Theodore Beza, and in 1561 he authored the Belgic Confession. This Confession was meant for the Spanish government. It was both to defend the Calvinist (showing that they were not like the radicals reforms) and to call for reformation in Spain. Instead it got him killed. In 1565 de Bres was arrested and tried before the Spanish Inquisition. He would die just a few days later.