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Theology Transforms

am at an academic conference. This is not the way you start a blog if you want people to keep reading. I am at an exciting academic conference. Well, now everyone knows that I am just lying. I am going to keep this introduction boring. I am at an academic conference this week. It is the annual gathering of the Society for the Study of Theology. This gathering is most of the theologians in the UK and many others from Europe and around the world. It is quite an interesting place to be with many fascinating topics being discussed.

Learning to Repent

It has been said that perfection is not the high water mark of the Christian life, repentance is. When confronted with our sin, we have two responses. The natural man will want to deny that there is anything wrong and look for excuses. However, the spiritual man should be convicted and brought to a place of repentance. But what does repentance before God look like? Let me suggest that it is coming before him in prayer.