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Learning to Read

I have said this before, but I am convinced the vast majority of a PhD is learning to read. Yes, yes, I know that to do a PhD you need to know how to read before you get here. However, what I mean is that in doing a PhD you learn how to read someone sympathetically. It is a skill I thought I had, but one I have realized I need to hone more and more each day.

Learning to Listen

Most of my PhD work consists in reading and then writing down my analysis of what I read. Often I disagree with the people I am reading, yet I still need to represent them accurately. I can't pick and choose the quotes that I work to advance my argument and ignore the context in which those quotes appear. What I am learning over the course of this PhD is that a solid 90% of my writing is just learning to listen carefully.

Reading Well

I am in the midst of trying to get the first chapter of my thesis done. I want to have it completed before we leave for the States next month. There are times that it is going well and then there are times where getting words down on paper is a little like pulling teeth. However, I think I am in a good place and the chapter will be finished on time. This process has reminded me once again of the importance of reading well.