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Waiting for Grace

Ever since we received news about Grace, we have had things to do; grants to apply for, paperwork to fill out, etc. However, the last few weeks we have had nothing. We have just been waiting. Waiting for news. Waiting to hear what is next. Waiting to know when we can leave. Waiting for enough money to come in to bring Grace home. Just waiting.


Before we moved, a sweet family gave Calvin the book Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. I am sure most people know it and have read it. It is all about the future and what it holds and all the adventures and unknowns that lie ahead.

Patience in a New Home

There was a line in Cam’s last blog post that got me thinking. He was talking about his personal response to moving to Scotland and he made a parenthetical note along the lines that this is not something that I signed up for.