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Continuing to Work

This is going to be a quick post this week because I am in the midst of the final push to get this thesis done. I am working long hours and really just ready to be done. However, it isn’t done yet. I still have a lot to do. My final chapter is getting close to the end, but the moment I finish, I will start editing and adding words to the project. I have a lot work to do.

Thoughts from a Hospital Bed

It is all too familiar, walking down the hallways; the grey walls, the sterile floors, the miniscule squares on the ceiling. Room after room filled with beds. Beds filled with people. People simply lying down. People simply trying to keep themselves occupied and comfortable. Neither stillness nor silence exist within these walls. The ever present noise of machines beeping and of feet scurrying is the soundtrack. The laughter that’s present outside these walls is swallowed up by moans and cries.And the smell.

Anniversaries, Pains, Highs, and Lows

This year, August is a month of celebration in the Clausing house. At the beginning of this month we had the anniversary of our wedding. On Tuesday, the 22nd, we celebrated one year in Edinburgh (time flies). Tomorrow, the 25th, we celebrate the anniversary of my ordination as a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. These moments are always good times to reflect.

Hope in the Darkness

There are days, weeks, and seasons in life where you are brought face-to-face with your own mortality. This happens when we wake up and there are new aches and pains. It happens when we watch a loved one struggle with a chronic illness, helping him/her perform ordinary everyday tasks. Or when a close friend or family member has an accident, and the person is left significantly changed (emotionally, physically, mentally). Or some dies either suddenly or slowly over months.