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The Deep Things

Yesterday I was in a meeting for Faith Mission Bible College. It was for faculty to meet each other and to prepare for the new year ahead. Honestly, it was a little overwhelming to think about teaching. Not only that, but to think about teaching while also still finishing my thesis. It can all be a little daunting. Nevertheless, I am committed for this first semester.

It is not that Complicated

Paul understands spiritual growth in the Christian life to be a struggle. It isn't easy. It isn't part of our natural make up. The point Paul makes is that growth in the Christian life only comes when we see Christ's strength work through our weakness.

Knowing God

How is it possible to say we know God? This seems to be the question that people ask all the time. If our knowledge of God is limited, does that mean that God is limited? If we say we can't actually know God as he knows himself, what kind of knowledge of God is this? If the only way we can speak of God is through analogy, can we say we truly speak about God?