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The Gift

Christmas is fast approaching. For many of us this is a time for friends, family, and food. It is also a time for gift giving. I love giving gifts. Ask Taryn, I often will buy a gift and then I am not able to contain myself. I just want to give the gift away at that moment. Nevertheless, Taryn does not allow me to do this. She makes me wait until Christmas morning and then I am allowed to give it to her.

Adopted as Sons

What has caused me to think these last couple of weeks is that Christ's incarnation opens the door for our adoption. Obviously, part of the reason that that truth has been so striking to me these past few weeks is because another anniversary of Calvin coming into our home via the process of adoption has come and gone. As I reflect on his adoption into our family and the adoption that we have obtained because of Christ's work, I am dumbfounded.