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Who are you?

Know thyself! This is the mantra, command, law of almost every person, philosophy, and religion. Everywhere you turn, you hear that the key to life is knowing yourself. Every person has a sense that human beings are in some way different from everything else. The questions ‘who am I and what I am here for?’ are central to so much of life. We are told, the most important question that you will ask in your life is: ‘Who am I?’ Know thyself!

Translation with Humility

I have spent a lot of time translating in various languages: Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, etc. The more I translate the more I am convinced that there is a certain amount of humility that is needed in the process. The humility comes in that every translation needs to be open to critique, correction, and reworking. The communicating from one language to another is never one for one.