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The Struggle is Real

Richard Weaver said, 'Ideas have consequences'. Weaver taught English at the University of Chicago, but he was also an intellectual historian and philosopher of sorts. The thesis, in its most basic form, is correct. What people believe about how the world 'is' will affect how they live in the world or our 'worldview' is not just a set of disembodied ideas, but has consequences on how we live. Taken as a large meta-narrative of human history, it could be argued that the thesis is a bit more tenuous, but I will leave that to intellectual historians.

The Importance of a Well Educated Clergy

The church today sits at an interesting time in history. We can look around and see culture changing at a rapid pace. Europe has been dechristianized for decades now and though in America we still see high church attendance, the average person in the pew knows neither what the Bible or their theology says. This is not only true of evangelicalism as a whole, but also more narrowly of my particular tradition, Presbyterianism.