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A Relational God

This Saturday I am leading the men's discipleship at Christ Church Edinburgh. We have been slowly going through the Westminster Confession Faith (about one chapter per month). This week we find ourselves in Chapter Four: Of Creation. As I have been preparing, I have been struck by the opening line.


Our words are powerful. This is why it is so concerning when we use our words carelessly or we don't try to carefully understand the words others use. Words matter. My words matter. Other people's words matter.

The Work of God

I was reading John 5:17 the other day and the words of Jesus struck me. I have read them before, but given all the studying that I am doing, I hadn't thought about them in the same way I am now. In the passage Jesus says, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” There is a sense in which Jesus is saying that God has always been at work. At face value this seems odd considering that creation is not eternal and I when I think of God's work that's usually the first place I look.