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Constant Companion

I have gotten good at this. It is odd. I don’t enjoy it. I find it to be a pain, but I have gotten really good at this. We all have those talents that we never thought we would develop, but by the sheer number of times you do it, you get good at it. Here I am again, and I know what to do. I have done this so much lately, and I am good at it. What is it?

Change and the Unchangeable

Ever since we spent our time in the States, I have thought a lot about change. It is funny how when you have been away from a place for a long time and then you go back, everything has changed. Now, you may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is that has changed, but you know everything is different. People have grown, you have grown, quite honestly, 'You can never go home again.' That isn't to say you can't make the place home again, but that it isn't the same place you left.

The Struggle is Real

Richard Weaver said, 'Ideas have consequences'. Weaver taught English at the University of Chicago, but he was also an intellectual historian and philosopher of sorts. The thesis, in its most basic form, is correct. What people believe about how the world 'is' will affect how they live in the world or our 'worldview' is not just a set of disembodied ideas, but has consequences on how we live. Taken as a large meta-narrative of human history, it could be argued that the thesis is a bit more tenuous, but I will leave that to intellectual historians.

Patience in a New Home

There was a line in Cam’s last blog post that got me thinking. He was talking about his personal response to moving to Scotland and he made a parenthetical note along the lines that this is not something that I signed up for.