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Theology as Prayer

Well, I am back into it full-time again. Reading, writing, researching, and translating. It has been hard to find the rhythm, but it is slowly coming together. Not only the travel, but the transition from the church back into the academy has been a little jarring. However, the time away has given me a fresh perspective and has renewed my energy to get moving.

Theology and the Church

I am auditing one class this semester called Critical Debates in Christian Mission. The subject matter has little to do with my particular area of research. To be honest, I would not have even considered the class if a friend had not told me that it was one of the best classes he has taken at New College and that every PhD in systematic theology should take it. This was high praise, and it intrigued me. So, now I am taking the course. As of right now (granted it has only been one class), the course is living up to the billing.