A Look Forward and  A Look Back

A Look Forward and A Look Back

I often ask Taryn to write something. Thus, I think it only fair for me to take on some of this responsibility. Therefore, I have been thinking this morning about what exactly write. I could be the typical Presbyterian and give you all the facts of things that are happening. It will take everything in me not to do this as I write. Facts do not make for an engaging blog.

This week I have been thinking about where Taryn and I have been in the course of 3 years (yes 3 years) in the States now. It has been a whirlwind time. We almost moved back to Colombia at least twice. Numerous times we have talked about moving to Australia. Life has had its lows and its highs. It is funny how in those moment of lows one forgets all about the great times. We have had a car blow a head gasket the day we bought it (right after signing a sheet of paper saying we understood that we did not have warranty). We rented a house that was way too expensive and almost went broke. We have struggled through sickness. We have worked jobs just to make ends meet and still couldn't make that happen some months. Life has been hard.

However, each of these moments has been met by the grace of God. When our car broke down, someone in our church lent us their car for as long as we needed it. We broke contract on the place we rented and were able to rent a place that was much cheaper (probably one of the cheapest places in Franklin), and ultimately were able to buy our own home. We have found amazing doctors who walk lovingly and carefully with us every step of the way in sickness. I have been ordained and have a great job where I learn everyday and grow. God's grace to us in the past has been manifold.

This Sunday as I was sitting listening to the sermon at the church where I work. The passage was from Nehemiah 4.1-14. I was struck once again by the fact that I need to remember these moments and our God. In the midst of this process, there can be exciting times; times when we are getting things ready and sending them off to Lesotho. Then there are times that are discouraging. This can be one of those discouraging times. Nothing is happening, we are just sitting and waiting. We don't hear anything all that often from our agency. Those outside of us and we ourselves can be discouraging. We often look at each other and say, “I really want babies in the house.”

Isn't that just the way we are? We always see the bad. We also look for the negative. All of us have a little Puddleglum in us. We want things to happen when we want them to happen. If that doesn’t happen, we get downcast and discouraged. However, what Nehemiah calls us to do is remember. Remember the Lord and His great faithfulness. We remember that the battle is the Lord's and we are called to do the next right thing. Oh how hard that can be in the midst of the wait. Oh it can be hard to extend grace in the wait, but I am learning. I am learning to not be afraid and to wait for the Lord.

Now, because I am a Presbyterian, I cannot end this blog without some facts and figures. First, we are still only $3,000 from being fully funded (that's pretty amazing). You can still help out if you would like to just click on the Small World Adoption Agency Ad on the side bar. If you have any questions on what to do, contact Taryn she knows all. Second, We are coming on one year in this process (that's pretty crazy). That means that this thing could happen at any point. They told us at the start of this process that it could take anywhere from 12-24 months. Next, some of you may know about the news from Lesotho. If you want read about, it check out the BBC's coverage. There was a coup of sorts, but everything seems to be back to normal. Lastly, a family from our agency just got their referral for their child from Lesotho. We are really encouraged by that because it means that people are making it through the process, and children are getting their forever families.

Thanks for reading. Taryn does a much better job, but I thought it would be good for me to relieve her once in a while.

Happy 1 Year, Travelers!

Happy 1 Year, Travelers!