Prayer in the Battle

Throughout Scripture we are told that life is war. Jesus says that the Christian life is one of endurance and striving (Mark 13:13; Luke 13:24). Paul tells us that it is a battle (1 Tim 6:12; 2 Tim 4:7). The preacher in Hebrews says that we are to strive to enter into the rest promised us (Heb 4:11).


The Gifford Lectures this year have been provocative. They have caused me to think and question some assumptions that I have held while also not agreeing with everything that is being argued. Last night, there was a panel discussion and was wonderful. Here is just a short glimpse of what was discussed.

Loving Where We Are

Taryn and I regularly look around and are so thankful and happy for this opportunity. The funny thing is, when we think about it, it can be hard to give the tangible reasons why we are thankful for living here specifically. I thought I would give a quick list of five reasons we love living here, and why we are thankful for the opportunity.

Do I Know My Neighbor?

"Introducing yourself to a new neighbor before avoiding them forever." I laughed when I saw it but then quickly realized that I have only talked to our neighbor once since moving in. We have polite smiles or "hellos" in the hall as we pass by each other, but we don't know each other.

Hope in the Darkness

There are days, weeks, and seasons in life where you are brought face-to-face with your own mortality. This happens when we wake up and there are new aches and pains. It happens when we watch a loved one struggle with a chronic illness, helping him/her perform ordinary everyday tasks. Or when a close friend or family member has an accident, and the person is left significantly changed (emotionally, physically, mentally). Or some dies either suddenly or slowly over months.

Uniformity and Multiformity

As I watch the conversations going on in the PCA, I am convinced that what we are talking about is bigger than just the PCA. Without delving into the details of all that is being said, the main thrust of the exchange happening in the PCA focuses around two different visions. The questions surround race and gender, and the roles these play in our life as the church.

They Are Not Your Pastor

Since moving to Edinburgh, I have grown accustom to walking. The minimum distance on a weekday that I walk is three miles, most days I walk more than that. This means that I have a lot of time on my hands. I was trying to figure out what the best thing to do with this time could be, and it came to me... podcasts.

Boring Work

The past few weeks I have had to work on a few things that have not been the most enjoyable. Some of the projects seem like busy work, others require editing, and still others are just tedious. I find it really hard to see purpose in work that is just boring and that I have no interest doing.



The transition from the pastorate to full-time academics has been interesting. From the purely technical side of things, I have had to learn how to speak and write to a different audience. Where before I could make grand sweeping claims (that were true but I had not proven definitively), now I must be much more modest with my conclusions. In a sermon I could assume most people held at least the some of the same basic beliefs; when writing now I am more cognizant that I can take nothing for granted. It has been fun to make this transition. I have been challenged. I like my new milieu, yet there are hard parts to it as well.