The Drama of Redemption

This morning I gave a talk to a group of ministers in the Free Church of Scotland. At the start let me say, that talking to ministers is significantly more nerve racking than talking to almost anyone else. I thought that I would share a bit of what I said. We looked at 1 Corinthians 15, which has functioned like a lodestone for me.

Don't Be Yourself

We hear a lot of people give the advice these days "just be yourself." Is this good advice? Should we as Christians embrace this attitude? I want to suggest that "being yourself" is not the Christian model.

New Year's Resolution: Pray More

Paul commands us in 1 Thess 5:17 to “pray without ceasing.” What does he mean by this? It would seem, from the way that we normally talk about prayer, that Paul wants us to continually be talking.

Our Great Salvation

As I was putting the blog together last week, I noted that Galatians 4:4-7 had more going on in it than just talking about our adoption and the privileges that we have because of it. This week, I thought I would look at another of the aspects. It stood out to me as I read the passage.


Adopted as Sons

What has caused me to think these last couple of weeks is that Christ's incarnation opens the door for our adoption. Obviously, part of the reason that that truth has been so striking to me these past few weeks is because another anniversary of Calvin coming into our home via the process of adoption has come and gone. As I reflect on his adoption into our family and the adoption that we have obtained because of Christ's work, I am dumbfounded.


A Cabbage Patch Kid Christmas

You know when someone says something to you years ago but it never seems to quite leave you? I’m sure I am not alone in this. I can recall, probably around 20 years ago now, someone made an off-hand comment that I reminded them of a Cabbage Patch kid. It was meant as an endearing comment but one that reminded me who I was in an instant.

Head and Heart

John Frame defines theology as “the application of Scripture, by persons, to every area of life.” This definition has always been an intriguing one to me. Often we look at theology as a matter of attaining more “head knowledge.” The “heart knowledge” is when we come to truly believe something and it changes our lives.



Joy in the Midst of Trials

How does one count it all joy? What does it look like in the midst of the struggles of every day life to count all things joy? It is easy, when life is going well, when there is enough money in the bank account, when our relationships are flourishing, when our kids are behaving well to count that joy, but how do I do that in the midst of the muck of life?

Vos and The Church

I recently purchased the final volume of Geerhardus Vos' Reformed Dogmatics. Those that know Vos probably know him from his Biblical Theology. However, in the last couple years Lexham Press has produced the Reformed Dogmatics. The work is valuable for anyone interested in systematic theology in general and Vos' theology in particular. Vos' style is unique following a catechetical, question and answer, approach.