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It's quite a strange feeling of one day living in one country and then in a matter of hours find yourself living in another country. It starts out feeling like a holiday and then quickly reality sets in... this is more than holiday; this is life.

Patience in a New Home

There was a line in Cam’s last blog post that got me thinking. He was talking about his personal response to moving to Scotland and he made a parenthetical note along the lines that this is not something that I signed up for.

Buses, Bagpipes and Bright Sunny Days

Today marks one week since we arrived in Edinburgh. A couple of first impressions of our whirlwind of a first week include catching more buses than I can remember (did I ever catch a bus in the States?) - this definitely takes me back to living in Bogota. The sound of bagpipes as you are walking down the street – nothing like it. Beautiful weather. The weather has been glorious. Beautiful sunny days with a bit of a chill in the air help all the walking we have been doing.

Adoption Journey

We have two weeks until we arrive in Scotland. I’ve been telling people that though I know there is a lot to do to get this little family all packed up into six suitcases, I am actually feeling rather frozen. Every time I muster up some packing time, I find myself staring into the abyss, twirling around in circles, exhaling ten big sighs, and then promptly sitting myself down on the couch. Ok, slight exaggeration, but the abyss and the couch are not too much of a stretch.


Our family has entered an uprooted phase. As we head toward Scotland late August things are getting very real. It’s time to start living out of suitcases.

Moving Fast...

This little home has been the perfect provision for us. It came to us quite unexpectedly and in many ways has been a fantastic location and size for our first home.

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