Theology as Prayer

Well, I am back into it full-time again. Reading, writing, researching, and translating. It has been hard to find the rhythm, but it is slowly coming together. Not only the travel, but the transition from the church back into the academy has been a little jarring. However, the time away has given me a fresh perspective and has renewed my energy to get moving.

Back and Forth Friendships

I’m done. Well, for now, I’m done limp-running to try and catch the next flight. I’m done trying to fight the tired-but-need-to-keep-going feeling as we pass through another airport. Travelling can be a long story. I don’t find it that easy to sum up what it is like going back and forth, but it sure is nice to be back.

Jet-lagged Thoughts

I am going to preface everything I am about to say with I have just gotten off an airplane and just sat down after going to find food for the family. These are very jet-lagged thoughts. As we got on a plane to go back home some time yesterday, I thought back to a long journey. Not just a journey from Nashville to Edinburgh, but the journey that brought me to the point in life that I find myself today.

Living Our Theology

Martin Luther once made a provocative statement: We are all called theologians, just as [we are] all [called] Christians. Luther's point is that everything we do speaks to what we believe about God. Our lives show forth who we think the God we worship is like. How do we know God? Does God care for us? Can God be trusted? Is God good? All of these questions are answered in the way we live. We are all called theologians just as we are all called Christians. There is no getting around it, we all do theology.

Training up in the Confession

I love catechisms. There is hardly a sermon that I preach where a catechism doesn't come into it at some point. Last week we were in Wisconsin and at one point in the car Calvin started to cry. Taryn and I looked at each other and thought that the way to calm him down was to put in the CD with the Children's Catechism. For a half hour we sang the questions and answers to Calvin along with the catechism. I love catechisms.

The Gift

Christmas is fast approaching. For many of us this is a time for friends, family, and food. It is also a time for gift giving. I love giving gifts. Ask Taryn, I often will buy a gift and then I am not able to contain myself. I just want to give the gift away at that moment. Nevertheless, Taryn does not allow me to do this. She makes me wait until Christmas morning and then I am allowed to give it to her.

On Being Home

Have been home for almost a month. Time has flown by. I can't really get my head around the fact that we are already half of the way through this trip. A few people have asked if we are ready to go back to Edinburgh yet. The answer I have given is yes, but that's only because we are looking forward to sleeping again. The trip so far has been nonstop. We have loved it and it is great, but it is exhausting.

Theological Development

It is always interesting watching theological controversies that take place on the internet. Often something fairly interesting is being discussed, but at the same time I wonder, 'Is a blog the best place to make sustained arguments about intricate theological points?' Then, as the controversy really ramps up, I wonder, 'Is Twitter really the best place to have sustained theological arguments?' To the blog question, I will usually agree that it can be a good medium (maybe not the best but good). To the Twitter question, well, I am not one who can contribute anything of substance in 280 characters (even if you string 80 tweets together).

Home with Friends

Well, we are in the States. It was quite a wild trip and already the Clausing house was hit by some pretty nasty sickness. However, we think everyone is on the other side of that. It has been truly wonderful to see old friends and to renew relationships. Getting here was exhausting, but we are so grateful to have this time here.