The Gift

Christmas is fast approaching. For many of us this is a time for friends, family, and food. It is also a time for gift giving. I love giving gifts. Ask Taryn, I often will buy a gift and then I am not able to contain myself. I just want to give the gift away at that moment. Nevertheless, Taryn does not allow me to do this. She makes me wait until Christmas morning and then I am allowed to give it to her.

On Being Home

Have been home for almost a month. Time has flown by. I can't really get my head around the fact that we are already half of the way through this trip. A few people have asked if we are ready to go back to Edinburgh yet. The answer I have given is yes, but that's only because we are looking forward to sleeping again. The trip so far has been nonstop. We have loved it and it is great, but it is exhausting.

Theological Development

It is always interesting watching theological controversies that take place on the internet. Often something fairly interesting is being discussed, but at the same time I wonder, 'Is a blog the best place to make sustained arguments about intricate theological points?' Then, as the controversy really ramps up, I wonder, 'Is Twitter really the best place to have sustained theological arguments?' To the blog question, I will usually agree that it can be a good medium (maybe not the best but good). To the Twitter question, well, I am not one who can contribute anything of substance in 280 characters (even if you string 80 tweets together).

Home with Friends

Well, we are in the States. It was quite a wild trip and already the Clausing house was hit by some pretty nasty sickness. However, we think everyone is on the other side of that. It has been truly wonderful to see old friends and to renew relationships. Getting here was exhausting, but we are so grateful to have this time here.

#TheologyThursday: Travel Edition

This one is going to be fast because we are at the Edinburgh airport about to board a flight to London. After a quick trip down to London we get on a flight to Miami. Short jump over the pond and we board a flight to Nashville. In less than 24 hours we will be home and vacation/work/visa application/conference trip begins. We are looking forward to this time.

Loving my Neighbor

Last weekend Taryn, Calvin, and I went to an old mansion in Perthshire, Faskally House. It was built in 1831 and is located just outside Pitlochry (between Perth and Inverness). The house is owned by Faskally Christian Trust, and they rent it out to Christian groups throughout the year. This last weekend our church, Christ Church Edinburgh, spent the weekend there. It was fun and a great way for our family to better connect with folks in the church.

Memory and Hope

This week we have had the Croall Lectures at New College. The lectures were endowed by John Croall who died in 1872 and vested £5000 for the public lectures to take place. The lectures normally have theologians from the Church of Scotland, occasionally they are allowed to have someone else from another church. Over the years they have had people like: John Cunningham, H.R. Mackintosh, John Mackay, George Barclay, James Barr, Bruce McCormack, and Marilynne Robinson. This year we had Professor Werner Jeanrond, Master of St Benet's Hall, Oxford. He gave three lectures on 'hope'.

Humor and Theology

A couple of weeks ago my supervisor, James Eglinton, and I (with some other students) were having a conversation about the place of humor in theology. It was an interesting conversation with wide ranging thoughts and implications. The question posed was: to what extent is there a place for laughter/humor in doing theology? We all granted that laughter is good. We all agreed that we should not take ourselves too seriously. However, the question still stood: to what extent is there a place for laughter/humor in doing theology?

Reading Well

I am in the midst of trying to get the first chapter of my thesis done. I want to have it completed before we leave for the States next month. There are times that it is going well and then there are times where getting words down on paper is a little like pulling teeth. However, I think I am in a good place and the chapter will be finished on time. This process has reminded me once again of the importance of reading well.